Get Chinese Medical Diagnosis Online

When we watch those Chinese Kung Fu movies, we often see a scene when a Chinese traditional doctor examines the patient only by reading the pulse on the wrist or on the neck and they can rule out the health problems suffered by the patient. For someone who are only familiar with modern western medicine, that scene is a little bit strange. How can someone making diagnose about illness solely using the pulse?

Well, it may sound impossible for us but it isn’t for those trained with traditional Chinese medicine methods. Chinese medicine has different approaches with modern western medicine as it is more focusing on the balance of life energy inside the body. Chinese medical diagnosis is mostly use heart pulse and the tongue to rule out the condition. This method has been developed for centuries and it is still well known to be accurate and useful. Of course, it requires extensive training and years of experience to be able to read the pulse and examine the tongue to determine which part of the body has imbalance life energy and how to bring the balance back using different treatments as well as herbal medicine prescription.

However, it can’t be denied that Chinese medicine becomes more popular these days not only among Chinese community but has been spreading all over the world. No wonder since, unlike wester medicine, Chinese medicine is generally noninvasive and focusing on natural herbal medicine with minimum side effects. It is no surprise many people are getting interested in Chinese medicine and that’s including you. Don’t hesitate about it. You can get online Chinese medical diagnosis here at TCM Clinic. It allows you to submit list of symptoms and give brief description about your actual condition. It is highly recommended to attached clear images of your tongue or your face. Once you submit it, team of highly experienced Chinese medicine practitioners from this clinic will give diagnosis and prescribe the herbal medicine to treat your condition.