Crabs Symptoms and Treatments

Having a good sex life is important for every adult but it is also important to put safe sex in top priority. There are many diseases can be possibly transmitted when you are having sex with an infected one. Not all sexual transmitted diseases are life risking ones like HIV infection or AIDS. Some of them are more like really annoying and irritant effects like the crabs.

The crab is a common name to refer to pubic lice infection. The pubic lice or Phtirus pubis is often found around the genital area. Close contact with infected people including sex can transmit this lice and cause infection. There are several crabs symptoms to know. The most common symptom is itching on the genital area especially at night when the lice feed. Other symptoms are including red bumps on the skin area covered with hair, blue spots on the skin as the signs of lice bites, rash, and brown spot on the underwear. Yes, those symptoms are common symptoms of different skin problems and the fact that crabs are very small, this problem is difficult to find. Most people ignore the symptoms and it means they keep transmitting crabs to others.

When you experience those symptoms above, try to review your current sex activities in case there’s a chance you have any possibility transmitted to crabs. It is highly recommended to see a physician to get tested and examined. This condition is highly treatable but it can be quite tricky and you need to be patience and follow the direction of the treatment for optimum result. The treatment will be including insecticide formula lotion to kill the lice. Not only treating your body but the clothes, underwear, bedding, and upholstery must be thoroughly cleaned to kill lice and its eggs. Yes, it can be irritating and that’s why safe sex is everything.